Landscape Architecture, Design, and Naturescapes
The very first step to a successful design of beautiful landscapes and gardens is to get to know your client. Not just what you think or believe about this person or people, and not just the platonic business type of ‘knowing your customer’, but really getting to know the personalities of the people you are creating for”, our designer Rick, says. If necessary, Rick spends several hours with his prospective clients and at the site to be landscaped, before the first drop of ink hits the vellum.
He frequently takes prospective customers on tours of not only the landscapes and gardens he has created, but other fine gardens as well. During their time together, Rick is meticulously taking notes of their responses to the different areas of the landscapes and gardens they view. “Knowing their favorite colors and their favorite plants is just as important as knowing the colors and plants they don’t like”, Rick comments.
“How are you intending on using this landscape, or outdoor living space?” is one of the questions he asks his customers. “What are your habits? How do you interact with your home and your current living spaces?” These are all important answers to know before the discussion of the various elements or components that could be implemented into the overall landscape.
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