Landscape Architecture, Design, and Naturescapes
Design/ Planning is the first building block of a great landscape and the initial step in ensuring success. Four Seasons Landscape is built around the idea that creating luxurious outdoor living spaces is as essential to enhancing your lifestyle as interior design. Four Season's of living art is the result of this vision. There are several factors involved in creating a successful landscape design. Many of them you’ve probably heard about such as: the art of function meets form. Professional landscape architects/designers profess that the art of combining foliage textures, shapes and colors make a great landscape. Others create “movement” in the landscape by using the aforementioned ideas. “Meticulous attention to detail” and “meeting and exceeding the expectations of customers” and “dedication to excellence” seem to be the mainstream goals, top priorities, and the buzz lines of landscape companies and designers/architects. These ideals and notions are elementary and fundamental to the philosophy of Rick Haight and Four Seasons Landscape.
All of these techniques and approaches are critical steps to the creation of successful outdoor living spaces and beautiful landscapes. However, we would like to share some of the belief systems of our designer, Rick Haight, that we rarely, if ever, hear about.
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