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Our water features look, sound and feel so natural, many people, upon their first viewing of one of our water garden creations, struggle to accept that it is “manmade”. The president of the North Carolina Landscape Architects Association, upon viewing and experiencing his 3rd Four Seasons Landscape said, “You have raised the bar for landscape design and construction in North Carolina”.

All of the knowledge I have acquired over the years, in the study of water, ornamental horticulture, and landscaping, has been extremely useful. But, I have discovered something I feel is even more important. It is so much more than rocks, water, skimmer boxes, and sophisticated pumps. It is about creating a personal experience.

My journey has brought me to a point of re-creating the memorable experience of my skateboarding trips to the waters edge, basking in the freedom of childhood. One very special treat for me is that many of my clients share this desire to play in the water like a child. Frequently, when I arrive at a home where we have built one of our radical water gardens, I find a multi-millionaire business guru, in his shorts and bare feet, knee deep in the stream, with a huge ear-to-ear grin on his face, playing with the rocks. Upon seeing this, I get that wonderful feeling of success. It’s about four seasons of living. It’s about experiencing life at it’s fullest.

It’s about outdoor luxury, with no boundaries.

Four Seasons Landscaping, inc. of Highlands, N.C. invites you to view some of the photographs of these extreme water features. Just click on PORTFOLIO. Please, remember, these water gardens are so extensive, that it is impossible to “fit” them into a photograph. We only hope that we can partially convey the beauty and majesty of these incredible landscapes through these photos.

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